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Garden of Eden Date Palm 10 Fils Bahrain Authentic Coin Money for Jewelry (Dilmun) (Paradise) (Adam and Eve) (Million Palms) (Creation)

Garden of Eden Date Palm 10 Fils Bahrain Authentic Coin Money for Jewelry (Dilmun) (Paradise) (Adam and Eve) (Million Palms) (Creation)

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Garden of Eden Date Palm 10 Fils Bahrain Authentic Coin Money for Jewelry and Craft Making (Dilmun) (Paradise) (Adam and Eve) (Million Palms) (Creation)

Obverse: Palm tree within inner circle. State name in Arabic and English. Islamic and Gregorian dates in English.
Lettering: دولة البحرين
مـ 2000 هـ 1420
Translation: State of Bahrain
AH1420 - AD2000

Reverse: Numeric denomination back of boxed denomination within circle. Chain border.
Lettering: 10 فلس
Translation: 10 Fils

Issuer Bahrain
Ruling authority Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa (1961-1999)
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (1999-date)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1412-1420 (1992-2000)
Calendar Islamic (Hijri)
Value 10 Fils
0.010 BHD = 0.027 USD
Currency Dinar (1965-date)
Composition Brass
Weight 3.35 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness 1.48 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Number N# 2739
References KM# 17, Schön# 14

Reviving Bahrain's Million Palms
No matter where you look, there will be a palm tree in sight in Bahrain. It was so magical that people of yore called it "the land of a million palm trees". Yes, Bahrain, as all history books could reveal, was once a tropical paradise of great natural resources. Since ancient times, Kingdom's verdant groves of date palms were a source of natural resources for the region.

References to date palm can be found in the Sumerian myth "Enki and Ninhursag" which tells the story of the beginning of the world in the garden of paradise known as Dilmun, blessed with springs. Legend even has it that it was not the apple, but date palm was that tree of knowledge of good and evil, and that date was the fruit Eve so generously offered to Adam in the garden of Eden. An interesting tale, but maybe debatable for many. But all those things are things of the past now.

Dilmun, or Telmun, (Sumerian: Dilmun (early Sumerian pictograph).jpg, later 𒉌𒌇(𒆠), ni.tukki = DILMUNki; Arabic: دلمون‎) was an ancient Semitic-speaking civilization in Arabia mentioned from the 3rd millennium BC onwards. Based on contextual evidence, it was located in the Persian Gulf, on a trade route between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley Civilisation, close to the sea and to artesian springs. A number of scholars have suggested that Dilmun originally designated the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, notably linked with the major Dilmunite settlements of Umm an-Nussi and Umm ar-Ramadh in the interior and Tarout on the coast. Dilmun encompassed Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the eastern portion regions of Saudi Arabia. This area is certainly what is meant by references to "Dilmun" among the lands conquered by King Sargon of Akkad and his descendants.

The great commercial and trading connections between Mesopotamia and Dilmun were strong and profound to the point where Dilmun was a central figure to the Sumerian creation myth. Dilmun was described in the saga of Enki and Ninhursag as pre-existing in paradisiacal state, where predators do not kill, pain and diseases are absent, and people do not get old.

Dilmun was an important trading centre. At the height of its power, it controlled the Persian Gulf trading routes. According to some modern theories, the Sumerians regarded Dilmun as a sacred place, but that is never stated in any known ancient text. Dilmun was mentioned by the Mesopotamians as a trade partner, a source of copper, and a trade entrepôt.

The Sumerian tale of the garden paradise of Dilmun may have been an inspiration for the Garden of Eden story.

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4 stars review from Shannon

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5 stars review from Crystal

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I'm a casual/novice coin collector. I ordered 21 coins from Elemintal, based on places I've traveled and themes I thought were interesting. They arrived quickly and safely. Each coin was in an individual plastic sleeve, and they were protected by cardstock in a padded envelope. This coin was in very nice condition. No scuffs or scratches and no tarnish. The brass color still has a nice shine. Thank you!

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Great shop